About us

Who We Are?

We seek to be a movement of God’s love through the gift of Jesus, bringing hope, living with purpose, coming alongside causes that serve others, fostering radical generosity, all while becoming that place of rest our busy lives are seeking.
We are aware that Canada is increasingly becoming a place where people feel no affiliation to faith. Yet we are also aware of the spiritual vacuum most of us fill with something. We believe that Jesus is the best filler of that vacuum, so we want to introduce people to Jesus. Who is he? What sets him apart? What is unique about him? What is he offering? How could he impact the writing of my story?
We believe that God is so much bigger than anything we can drum up. That’s why our desire is to partner with what He is already doing in the world, has done for the world and longs to see in the world. Church is God’s idea for us to do that.

What about the bible?

We see the Bible as uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit and a fully reliable witness to Jesus Christ. As understood by the early church, it is the trustworthy record of God’s revelation, proving itself true in human experience, with each new generation and to every culture. The Bible also teaches the way of grace and the life of faith. It is our best authority over life, significance and purpose.

The Centrality of our focus?

The influence of Jesus is ongoing. Arguably, no other single person has had the same impact on the world as Jesus. John Ortberg said it this way:
“Jesus’ vision of life continues to haunt and challenge humanity. His influence has swept over history like the tail of a comet, bringing his inspiration to influence art, science, government, medicine, and education: he has taught humans about dignity, compassion, forgiveness and hope.”
Because God came and lived among us in the person of Jesus…He made it possible for us to enjoy the benefits of God’s ongoing work in our daily lives. Not only that, but by faith, we can begin a relationship with Him that lasts into eternity. Where most faith systems or religions are about earning our way to God—doing enough “good” things to try to gain God’s favour—the “good news” of Jesus is about God coming to us and making the way for us, motivated by His love for us.

Commonly asked questions – Q and Ehs?


Q: Church? “The church is just after my money!”

A: Well actually, no. Launch Point’s plan is to give 50% of any Sunday morning offerings back into the community. That’s our dream!


Q: Why church? “I don’t need church to make me a good person.”

A: Going to church is about coming together to create a common and safe space for people to learn and grow in their relationship with God. We freely ask questions, express fears, support each other and through worshipping God, encounter His presence. Church is about walking together in faith and helping each other flourish by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Q: How does church make a difference in my community?

A: There are many studies and examples of how spiritual communities make a difference in communities. We plan on coming alongside causes in our community; Bridging with causes that are investing in the general good of society, to reflect what Jesus modeled by serving others.